Frequently Asked Questions

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"I designed my own wrap. Can BoHammer use my files?"

Yes, but your files need to be "Print-Ready." Print-Ready files require no setup or editing on our end. Unless you have extensive experience preparing wrap files for print, we strongly recommend investing in a few hours with a BoHammer designer. We'll make sure your wrap prints flawlessly.

"Does BoHammer accept artwork files from outside designers?"

Absolutely, but the files need to be Print Ready. It's a good idea to ask if your designer has worked on other wraps. If they haven't, we're happy to offer a few pointers.


"I purchased my own vinyl. Will BoHammer install it for me?"

Yes, but only if the vinyl you purchased is suitable for the type of install we'll be performing. There are many types of vinyl available, but most can't be used for a wrap. If you have questions about wrap vinyl, please email

"Does BoHammer offer low-end vinyl options for cost savings?"

No. We've been at this long enough to know that quality materials are an absolute must for every job.

"Does BoHammer offer printing for products like business cards, stickers, and posters?"

No. At this time, we're focusing all of our energy, effort, and creativity on the vehicle wrap industry.


"Should I take my vehicle through a carwash before my wrap appointment?"

Heck yeah! We clean every vehicle before wrapping (even if it's been through a carwash), but it's nice to start a job with a squeaky clean canvas.

"My vehicle is caked in grease, mud, and road tar. Will BoHammer clean it for me?"

We thoroughly hand clean every vehicle before installation. This helps the vinyl adhere properly and last longer. But if your ride is extra funky, we'll ask you to take it through a carwash before we start the job.

"How can I keep my wrap clean?"

Washing your wrap by hand is the best way to keep it clean and make it last. We know people who take their wrap through the carwash with no ill effects, but our recommendation is always, "Wash it by hand."


"Will BoHammer remove old vinyl from my vehicle?"

In most cases, yes, but vinyl removal can be messy and time consuming. To discuss further, email info@bohammer.wraps


"How does BoHammer handle payments?"

After our site visit, we'll send an estimate. To start your project, we ask for a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due upon completion of your job.

"Does BoHammer except trades in exchange for a wrap?"

Not at this time.